The Life Of Nadia Warren

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A Day In The Life

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Video Notes:
A day in the life with Dad at 7 months old.
Date Added: 04/21/2007
Runtime: 18:13
Views: 14
Comments: 7

On 10/31/2015 Elijah Acker writes...

Happy Halloween BTW! :)

On 10/31/2015 Elijah Acker writes...

Hi! :)

On 06/12/2014 Nadia writes...

thanks i like your comments

On 06/16/2007 Stephanie Lunsford writes...

WOW! Melissa, Nadia is SO gorgeous! You are truly blessed! I absolutely adore your web site. What a wonderful way to show off Nadia :) So Precious!

On 04/24/2007 Josie writes...

That was great! I bet that took a lot of planning especially with your camera angles and all the editing involved. Nadia will enjoy watching the video when she gets older! You're so creative!

On 04/21/2007 Crazy Grandma Janet writes...

You can certainly tell that this is a child of EXTREME intelligence. I think she's pretty lucky to have such a nice daddy to play with her all day, too!

On 04/21/2007 Peggy writes...

such a precious family! That baby has got it good!!!