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Nadia has now taken on the role of big sister. She loves her baby Alexa and wants to help take care of her. Nadia is a big girl these days!
Miss Alexa is the newest addition to our family. With a birth weight of 7 lbs 15 oz, it's amazing the amount of happiness such a small package can bring.
Melissa is the glue which holds our family together. She is the "responsible" one by keeping order to the house and all things within it.
Jonathan works for the CIA, so this information cannot be divulged. Oops, did I say CIA? I meant to say he works drive-through at McDonald's.
Titus may first appear to be serious and all business, but he's a pretty laid back guy who enjoys the company of his brother Apollo.
Apollo is happy ALL the time, almost to the point where you wonder if he's "on something". And the boy can't sit still, aka Mr. Wiggles.