The Life Of Nadia Warren

Sunday 04/08/2007 - 10:09:21 pm
Posted By: Nadia

Easter with Grammy and Blue Pa Pa

Today my Mom and Dad drove me to Richland so I could spend Easter Sunday with Grammy and Blue Pa Pa. I normally enjoy the car rides, but I thought we would never get there. Even though I consider myself pretty mobile these days with crawling and whatnot, I'm glad we drove. Based on my calculations, if I were to have crawled to Richland it would have taken 9.78 days. (That's without potty and food breaks, nonstop).

My cousins Madison and Chris were there, and they kept me entertained while they hunted for Easter eggs. I hope that one day Madison and I will be BFF, playing and doing girly things. She takes some interest in me, but until I can walk she just looks down on me, literally that is.

For lunch the big people ate ham, potato casserole, green beans, sweet potatoes, and cherry cheesecake. All I got was some lousy Cheerios, and a taste of Dad's sweet potatoes. Since I'm getting a couple of teeth in now, I hope to be eating big people food pretty soon. I enjoy trying new foods, but will say that I don't like everything Mom and Dad tries to feed me. Just say "ewwwww" to sweet peas, not good at all!